Residential and Domestic

Custom Security Solutions for your Home

Inline Electronics provides a custom solution to all Residential and Domestic Clients. This is to ensure that an appropriate Security System is installed to give you peace of mind that your premises are secure.

CCTV Security Systems in residential and domestic settings have become more and more popular over the years. With police asking for evidence, the CCTV footage helps monitor the premises and most importantly, catches the bad guys if required.

You’re able to ensure a watchful eye is being kept over the property and you can even check-in to see how your furry family members are travelling on a cold or hot day.
The CCTV system is set up so that you’re able to view it remotely from the convenience of your smartphone.

Alarm Systems play an integral role in protecting your home. Modern-day solutions enable you to receive notifications, turn the alarm on/off and receive alarm events all from your smart device.
A lot of clients also opt for 24/7 Alarm Monitoring so that you and your family know your premises is also being looked after by a 100% Australian run Monitoring Company.

Securing the gates/doors of your premises can be done via Access Control. Access control systems allow entries and exits, specific locations and belongings to be securely locked with only access given to those permitted to enter. This is often done via either a keyFOB, Swipe or pin code system. Most access control systems can also be integrated and paired alongside an Intercom System.

Intercom Systems See who’s at your door and communicate with them without having to open the door.