CCTV Camera Systems

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In today’s modern era, CCTV Camera systems are now IP (Internet protocol) and provide the highest quality picture, far more superior than the old analogue/digital system.

  • Monitor Safety in your Home or Workplace via Remote Connectivity (View CCTV from your smartphone).

  • Look over valuable items or equipment.

  • Record, Rewind and View specific dates to monitor certain incidents.

  • Transfer Recordings to USB’s or External Hard drives.

  • Greatly increased chance of theft capture, as opposed to having no system or an old system.

  • Have peace of mind knowing your premises is secure.


CCTV security systems play a pivotal role in the effectiveness and reliability of minimising risks of damages and loss. Essentially, CCTV security systems protect your biggest assets and are an investment well worth considering.

Australia and New Zealand Police Recommendations for CCTV Systems:

These recommendations state the need for a licensed installer and regular maintenance to the security system and give valuable information on CCTV.
In the document, they recommend the use of security companies that are members of the Australian national body for security – Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) in which only companies that meet the highest standards of quality and service can be a part of.
Inline Electronics Pty Ltd is a Gold Member of ASIAL – the Australian national body for security.
Australia New Zealand Policy Advisory Agency (ANZPAA), state that compliance with their recommendations will:

  • Increase the likelihood of a criminal being identified.

  • Assist in the prosecution of offenders in court.

  • Ensure continued reliability through maintenance.

  • Reduce the risks associated with the disruption and loss to businesses.

Crime Solving:
CCTV security systems enable the user to record footage, monitor your assets and help safeguard your home or your business and its employees. ​
The CCTV systems ability to record high definition footage of your premises means that if in the event a crime has been committed, this footage can be used as evidence. Worldwide, captured CCTV Footage is used day-to-day to catch criminals and solve crimes by the police.
As stated in the Australia and New Zealand Police Recommendations for CCTV Systems, desirable policing outcomes from your CCTV System can include:

  • Identify key information like a person’s face

  • Entry and Exit points

  • Tracking of a person’s movements throughout the site

  • Recognition of clothing

CCTV Systems and their Influence:
Your employees and family can have peace of mind knowing that security cameras are installed at the premises. When staff, customers and family members are made to feel safe and aware of security cameras, this can promote positive and honest behaviour.

What should CCTV Cameras be looking at?
Ideally, CCTV Cameras should be looking at Sales counters, Entry and Exit points, high traffic and high-risk areas. These areas can help identify problems, deter bad behaviour and capture valuable information. Using CCTV Cameras to monitor these areas ensures that if in the event something does go wrong, you have the footage to support your claim or provide evidence.

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