Apartments and Corporates

Security Systems for Apartments and Corporates

Inline Electronics provides a custom solution to ensure an appropriate Security System is implemented for varying types of Apartments and Body Corporate groups.

Alarm Systems play an integral role in protecting the premises, often alongside 24/7 Alarm Monitoring, you can be notified and have peace of mind that your location is well looked after.
Access Control systems allow entries and exits, specific locations and belongings to be securely locked with only access given to those permitted to enter. This is often done via either a keyFOB or pin code system. Most access control systems can also be integrated and paired alongside an Intercom System.

Intercom Systems allow users, staff or tenants the ability to be notified of when someone is seeking access to their building or location. These can be audio-only or installed to have both video and audio.
CCTV Security Systems provide evidence, footage and the ability to regularly monitor the premises.