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All electronic systems and devices need to be serviced regularly and eventually upgraded or replaced. Repairing an older system can often cost a high amount and even though in most cases, we can utilize existing wiring and upgrade the hardware to keep the costs down, we still generally recommend upgrading the complete system. This way you know it is all brand new and you also receive a warranty along with it.

At Inline, we recommend self-testing your security system yearly to make sure sensors, sirens, strobes, etc are all in working order. We also recommend changing your backup battery every 3-5 years which we advise you get this done by scheduling a service professional. Other things that you can do to keep your system working optimally are

Checking your lighting is working

Inspect cameras

Visually check your control panel

Make sure your software is up to date

Here at Inline, our team is experienced in all forms of repairs, diagnostic, and maintenance of security systems. With years of experience, we arrive fully equipped and ready to complete the job.

Some common repairs that Inline attends to are:

Back up battery replacement – This hasn’t been replaced therefore causing the power failure. This is a straightforward and easy repair.

Batteries in detection devices – Batteries in wireless switches and PIR sensors usually last about 3-5 years. These are also easily replaced by a licensed technician.

Fixing and replacing sensors – PIR’s, reed switches, glass break detectors, etc. whether they are wireless or wired, can fail after a long period of time. These are generally inexpensive repairs without having to upgrade the panel.

Replacing faulty external sirens – External strobes and sirens are a common repair. Making sure you self-test and get these components serviced when recommended will assist in making sure everything is in working order.

Cable testing

Investigating false alarms

Reprogramming codes

Modernizing the existing security system

By following the above advice, gives you greater peace of mind in knowing that your security systems are working perfectly and protecting your home and business at all times.

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