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Advanced technology is now part of our everyday lives, from smartphones and computers to complex access control systems and high-quality CCTV. Smart home security systems are the first line of defense for keeping your property and valuables safe. Combining the best of technology to better protect homes and businesses against intruders, theft, and other crime. Home protection and family safety are the primary purposes of home security systems. With several systems to have installed, here are the most requested:

CCTV – A very popular video surveillance system that can be used from a remote or central location. Allowing homeowners to have a complete overview of their home at all times. CCTV cameras are strategically placed around your home and perimeter so you can observe particular areas of interest. For the optimum level of security and privacy, images are only shown to those designated. Accessing full footage from a TV monitor, computer, laptop or even smartphone makes these devices readily accessible. There are numerous key benefits of CCTV Systems.

Crime deterrent The sight of a CCTV camera establishes the presence of the law and though it doesn’t necessarily prevent people from carrying out illegal activity, it will help reduce the likelihood of theft or unwanted visitors in your business or home.

Crime Capture – The police highly value the use of CCTV Cameras, as they regularly use CCTV footage for evidence, capturing identities, and as part of their investigations.

Monitoring activity – This enables managers, employees, homeowners to stay on top of the activities/visitors around the business or home. Giving you a full overview of your premises, at all times.

Eliminate Fraudulent Insurance Claims – Having footage from your CCTV cameras as visual and auditory proof towards any claims made, you can use this to your advantage and eliminate any false claims thrown at your business or person.

Knowing what takes place while you are away – While you leave the house for business or family holidays anything can happen in your absence. Having peace of mind knowing that you have a full overview of what is occurring and knowing the cause.

ALARMS – A form of security and a cost-effective way to alert you when there is an intruder or your home is under threat. They can assist in theft prevention, crime deterrent, and extra peace of mind for keeping your home safe. Alarms are a great way to stay alert while you are away from home. Conventional alarms are becoming more outdated. Even though they are an effective crime deterrent, they are extremely loud for your household and the neighbours around you. Once the alarm is triggered, there is nothing further to assist in the matter. Inline recommend pairing your alarm system with their 24/7 Back to Base monitoring. With this, any time your alarm is triggered it sends an alert to the control room allowing them to notify you and/or follow instructions given and dispatch a patrol car on request. Inline will provide you with the latest technology and quality of alarm system installation if you are looking at installing one brand new. An Inline Electronics Alarm system can include:

⦁ Keypad (Touchscreen or LCD Screen)

⦁ Any number of Detectors required to secure your premises

⦁ Alarm Panel in Metal Enclosure

⦁ 12v 7ah Back-up Alarm Battery

⦁ Door Reeds (sensors for the doors)

⦁ Roller/Garage door Reeds (sensors for the doors)

⦁ Siren/Strobe Combo

⦁ Siren Inside

⦁ Internet Communicator Module (NBN Ready and you can use your smart device to arm/disarm and check event history).

INTERCOMS – Inline Electronics audio and video screening offer additional safety and security to your family. With high perimeter fences and electric gates becoming very popular, intercoms are a great form of security for your home. Allowing the individual to have complete control of access to your property, communicate to and view those arriving/departing. Intercom systems can also be paired with access control systems to give you complete security. Inline offers video and audio intercoms to allow you full use and benefits of the system.

ACCESS CONTROL – Also known as keyless entry, is a system that allows people to utilize electronic keys to release door locks in areas to a physical facility or computer-based information system. The system’s operation is often used in the form of either swipe card access or pin code. Some key benefits of access control systems include functionality, these systems are easy to use and manage. No longer having to carry sets of keys on you and removing the dilemma of having locks changed. Safety and security, requiring mandatory credentials for access, these systems are only accessible to those that know the information needed to be granted access. This leaves you feeling at ease knowing your home, belongings, and family are safe at all times with no unwanted visitors. Access control systems are greatly benefited alongside an intercom system. The pair go hand in hand, allowing you to speak and/or view to confirm access to that individual without having to physically attend the door/gate. This gives full authorization for the person to enter with the click of a button.

24/7 BACK TO BASE MONITORING – Using traditional back-to-base alarm monitoring, Inline offers an affordable and accessible security monitoring system tailored to suit your needs. Your monitored alarm system is connected to a monitoring control room, allowing an on-duty officer to follow your instructions should an alarm be activated or compromised. If this occurs, someone on duty will be alerted and can promptly continue to monitor the situation. Following instructions given or sending out a patrol vehicle on request.

If you’re wanting to get a security system that’s listed above installed in your home, you’ll need to look for businesses that specialize in Electronic Security and hold a valid Security License.
Make sure the company you choose is fully qualified, has extensive knowledge, practice only the best standard of work, and use quality equipment.

Here at Inline, we believe that securing your premises, family, or business is imperative to safety and security.
We only use the best products the electronic security industry has to offer. Including Hikvision, Inception, Paradox, and Dahua, to name a few.
You can keep your mind at ease knowing the systems installed are of top quality, installed with care and professionalism, and at an affordable price.

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