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The Importance of CCTV at your premises;

CCTV is becoming more and more important at your premises. Due to the current social climate, it is extremely important to ensure the overall safety of your home, possessions, workplace and the individuals working for/living with you. Video surveillance (CCTV) is one of the most common forms of security available and provides peace of mind in knowing you can monitor any situation. CCTV cameras are strategically placed around your home/business building and perimeter so you can observe particular areas of interest. For the optimum level of security and privacy, images are only shown to those designated. Accessing full footage from a TV monitor, computer, laptop or even smartphone makes these devices readily accessible.

Some key benefits;

Crime deterrent – The sight of a CCTV camera establishes the presence of the law and though it doesn’t necessarily prevent people from carrying out illegal activity, it will help reduce the likelihood of theft or unwanted visitors in your business or home.

Crime Capture – The police highly value the use of CCTV Cameras, as they regularly use CCTV footage for evidence, capturing identities, and as part of their investigations.

Monitoring activity – This enables managers, employees, homeowners to stay on top of the activities/visitors around the business or home. Giving you a full overview of your premises, at all times.

Eliminate Fraudulent Insurance Claims – Having footage from your CCTV cameras as visual and auditory proof towards any claims made, you can use this to your advantage and eliminate any false claims thrown at your business or person.

Knowing what takes place while you are away – While you leave the house for business or family holidays anything can happen in your absence. Having peace of mind knowing that you have a full overview of what is occurring and knowing the cause.

Who should install your CCTV cameras;

If you’re wanting to get CCTV cameras installed in your home or workplace, you’ll need to look for businesses that specialize in Electronic Security and hold a valid Security License. Make sure your chosen company is fully qualified, has extensive knowledge, practice only the best standard of work and use quality equipment.

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