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The importance of Alarm Systems;

Designed to detect unauthorized entry, alarm systems are a form of security and a cost-effective way to alert you when there is an intruder in your home or business and it is under threat.
Alarm systems can be paired up with movement detectors, window or door sensors, and sometimes even smoke detectors. Inline recommend pairing an alarm system with 24/7 back-to-base monitoring for best results.

Alarms are a great way to stay alert while you are away from home. Displaying many key benefits with some listed below.

Key benefits;

Theft prevention – Protecting your property and valuables by having an alarm system installed helps to prevent the urge for others to want to attempt stealing.

Crime deterrent – With an alarm system in view or the sound of the siren that sounds when triggered, this works as a deterrent to stop criminals before committing to breaking in. Also adding security stickers at the front of your premises, stating that there is an alarm system installed in the building.

Lower’s your insurance – Insurance companies don’t like risk. Having certain security systems like alarms installed helps lower risk and with this decreases your premium and other insurance costs. It is a form of extra security which offers more of a less likely chance for something to go wrong.

Extra peace of mind – Having that extra form of security means a little more ease on your mind for something to occur in your home or business.

Inline provides you with the latest technology and quality of alarm system installation if you are looking at installing one brand new. An Inline Electronics Alarm system can include:

  • Keypad (Touchscreen or LCD Screen)
  • Any number of Detectors required to secure your premises
  •  Alarm Panel in Metal Enclosure
  • 12v 7ah Back-up Alarm Battery
  • Door Reeds (sensors for the doors)
  • Roller/Garage door Reeds (sensors for the doors)
  • Siren/Strobe Combo
  • Siren Inside
  • Internet Communicator Module (NBN Ready and you can use your smart device to arm/disarm and check event history).

Who should install Alarm Systems?

If you’re wanting to get Alarm Systems installed in your home or workplace, you’ll need to look for businesses that specialize in Electronic Security and hold a valid Security License. Make sure your chosen company is fully qualified, has extensive knowledge, practice only the best standard of work and use quality equipment.

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