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What is Access Control?

Access control – also know as keyless entry, is a system that allows people to utilize electronic keys to release door locks in areas to a physical facility or computer-based information system. The system’s operation is often used in the form of either swipe card access or pin code.

What are the benefits of Access Control?

Keeping track of who’s coming and going Access control is a great form of security for large office buildings, schools, hospitals, and medical facilities just to name a few. With numerous entry and exit points, this is difficult to observe those entering and exiting the building.

They are also great for those who reside on large blocks that contain sheds/gates which store equipment, caravans, etc.

Functionality These systems are easy to use, easy to manage, and are a fantastic form of added security. No longer needing to carry extra sets of keys on your person. This can be updated at any time and also means you don’t need to get the locks changed when you lose your keys.

Safety & Security – Requiring mandatory credentials for access, these systems are only accessible to those that know the information to be granted access. Leaving you at ease knowing your business/belongings are safe at all times and there are no unwanted visitors.

Benefits alongside Intercom Systems Access control systems go hand in hand with Intercom Systems. Having an intercom installed alongside your Access control system, allows you to speak and/or view to confirm access to that individual without having to physically go to the door/gate. Giving full authorization for that person to enter with the click of a button.

Who should install Access Control Systems?

If you’re wanting to get Access Control Systems installed in your home or workplace, you’ll need to look for businesses that specialize in Electronic Security and hold a valid Security License. Make sure your chosen company is fully qualified, has extensive knowledge, practice only the best standard of work and use quality equipment.

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